Dicey Partner EMOM


Runners stretches

Arm Circles

Quad & Calf stretches

The Thang

So this partner EMOM is set up similar to how we do elevens where each round your reps are to equal 11 but this time it was 14 because it was the 7th of August but that number is too low lol…… so there were 2 cones (Cone A & Cone B) Cone A was weights and cone B was mats they were 10-15 parking spaces apart. Each person chose a partner and they split up one at each cone. Each team rolls the dice to determine which exercises they were completing….

Roll 1 or 2: A= Overhead press & B= Jump squats

Roll 3 or 4: A=Deadlifts & B= Monkey Humpers

Roll 5 or 6: A= Around the world & B= Push-up Jacks

Cone A is always counting down in reps 14 ~> 1

Cone B is always counting up in reps 1 ~> 14

Each team had 1 minute to do the exercises at each cone and get back to their starting cone

(example I would do 1 pushup jack at cone A then run to cone B do 13 Around the Worlds and run back in one minute)

If anyone got finished before the 1 minute they could use that for rest or do a chair sit/plank

we went through 2 rounds of 15 minutes and rolled the dice the second time in hopes for a different set of exercises

A few of our ladies had to head off early for their hustles so when we finished the second round we hit the mats for bag of abs and made sure to put our big girl sit-ups in our age that we are trying to check off our month bingo sheet

Burned a ton of calories and we kept moving the entire time so aside from a tad bit confusion to start it was a great start to the day ~ a pre-blast for clarity next time would help eliminate some confusion lol

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