Disney/Pixar AMRAP 2.0

12 PAX came out this morning, including 3 FNG’s, to the beatdown, channeling our “inner child.”

A couple PAX had joined me a month and a half ago for the first Disney AMRAP, and I announced the 2.0 shortly after the first beatdown. There were songs from 3 Disney movies and 3 Disney/Pixar movies.

The Thang

It was an AMRAP (as many reps as possible). Typically, with AMRAP’s there are 4-5 sections, with 4-5 exercises in each. You repeat the exercises continuously until the time set runs out. In this case, there’s not a set time on a timer. Each section is based off a movie, and there are songs from that particular movie. When the songs from that particular movie are over, that section is complete. There was one movie I chose to be in between the sections for a little extra cardio/work.

Moana (How Far I’ll Go, You’re Welcome)

25 Curtsy Lunges

25 Goblet Squats

25 Jumping Jacks

25 Deadlifts

***The Incredibles = Run a Lap***

The Princess and the Frog (When We’re Human, Dig a Little Deeper)

25 Bicep Curls

25 Tricep Extensions

25 Upright Rows

25 Kickbacks

***The Incredibles = Run a Lap***

Star Wars (Main Title)

25 LBC’s

25 Reverse Crunches

25 In & Outs

25 Penguins

***The Incredibles = Plank Entirety of Song***

Pocahontas (Ship at Sea, Colors of the Wind)

25 Push-Ups

25 High Knees

3 BOPO’s

25 Lateral Raises

***The Incredibles = Run a lap*** (We cut this out due to time allotment)

Cars (Opening Race, Life is a Highway)

25 Monkey Humpers

25 Front Raises

25 Mountain Climbers

25 Alternating Shoulder Taps

We ended with prayer requests and naming of the 3 FNG’s.

It was a great time of singing and working out to our favorite classics!

Next Theme for the Next “Musical” AMRAP = Christmas in July 🙂


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