There was a chance of thunderstorms today but thankfully that blew over and it ended up being a fairly warm sunny-ish morning. We started the beatdown with 8 PAX and ended up having a total of 10 PAX (with 1 FNG) as we wrapped up. We also had lots of 2.0s hanging out with us today enjoying some outside time while we worked out.

Warm -Up: We started with some arm circles (forwards and backwards), 10 jumping jacks (IC) and a warm-up lap around the playground.

The Thang: Dora BLIMPS

We did some BLIMPS today, Dora-style. Many of the PAX had not been introduced to a Dora routine yet so I’m sure they will not forget this one anytime soon.  😉

B – 100 Big Girl Sit-Ups

L – 150 Lunges

I – 200 Imperial Walkers

M – 250 Merkins (ouch!)

P – 300 Plank Jacks (double ouch! – not sure what I was thinking putting these after the merkins)

S – 350 Squats

This was a tough one and most groups did not finish all the exercises (at least not without modifying some of the exercises) but we were all definitely sweating by the end. Not sure about everyone else but with the lap we chose to run, I ended up with ~2.5 miles from this beatdown alone.

When it was time to call it, we wrapped up with some light stretching, COT and Name-O-Rama.

For our COT, I shared the following inspirational message from the book Brazen : The Courage to Find the You That’s Been Hiding:

“What if you and I are stronger than we think, are more intuitive than we assume, possess greater competence than we’ll admit, have more of a voice than we believe? When you and I question our strength, our tenacity, our butt-kicking potential, let’s remember one seriously outrageous fact:

God himself gave us dominion. He entrusted us with influence, responsibility, and authority. He gave us charge. He put us on this planet and said, “Here you go. Enjoy. Work your magic.” He literally gave us a world and gave us the right and privilege of naming everything in it. He gave us creative work. He also gave us the capacity to delight in what we see, hear, smell, taste. He did that because he knew, better than we did, about the Created Center within us.

I want to explore with all the license of a poet. I want to experience with all the authority of a child. I want to express with all the abandon of the one who has been given an endless palate to play with. My wanderlusting soul longs for this walk about through creation. And he says, “It is yours. Go. Dabble. Remember who you are.” You are the beloved, precious soul. The brazen, beautiful beloved.”

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