Dora Smash

9 PAX joined me for a brutally hot 6pm Beatdown at Foxtrot.  We only have a few more weeks of hot summer and then I think this Wednesday workout will become a FiA fav.  I can’t wait for fall weather.  Although, I do love the high calorie burn that results from the hot, hot activity.  Because it was so hot and sunny, we tried to stick to the tiny little bit of shade at Foxtrot, around the picnic tables, and I planned my Dora to give everyone ample rest time.

We warmed up with my favorite game of Never Have I Ever.  If you have ever – then you do smurf jacks.  If you have never – then you do butt kicks.

  • Never have I ever gone skinny dipping
  • Never have I ever eaten caviar
  • Never have I ever spent more than $100 on a single pair of shoes
  • Never have I ever gone to Vegas
  • Never have I ever gone on a cruise
  • Never have I ever sky dived
  • Never have I ever performed on a stage
  • Never have I ever fallen asleep in church

That game never fails to get your heart rate up.  We did just a few stretches to make sure we were warm and ready for our Dora Smash.

The Thang: Dora Smash

We partnered up.  Partner 1 performs the number of reps on the board, while partner 2 rests.  Then they switch and Partner 2 does the same number of reps, while partner 1 rests.  Once each partner has completed a round of reps, they run together to the outhouse and back.  This is a Dora though, so the reps between partners are cumulative.  I broke them up so each partner does the set of reps twice before they move on to the next exercise.  The rest time allows PAX to get water, use their sweat towel, and lower their heart rate a bit in the shade.  No Merlot today!

Here are the reps and exercises:

100 Mountain Climbers (Broken down into 25 reps each)

100 Push Ups (Broken down into 25 reps each)

120 Bicycles (Broken down into 30 reps each)

120 Tricep Kickbacks (Broken down into 30 reps each)

140 Upright Rows (Broken down into 35 reps each)

140 Sumo Squats (Broken down into 35 reps each)

160 Bicep Curls (Broken down into 40 reps each)

160 Russian Twists (Broken down into 40 reps each)

180 Calf Raises (Broken down into 45 reps each)

180 LBCs (Broken down into 45 reps each)

200 Lunge Pulses (Completed together)

Sadly, we only made it through the Calf Raises.  But, I will bring this one back out one day for a Saturday – hour long Beatdown, so we can make it all the way through.

We circled up for prayer requests, our name-o-rama, and COT.

Announcements:  Join us this Sunday at Etowah River Park for our Flock IT and Run 5k and After Party!  The 5k starts at 6pm, you can walk it, run it, ruck it, skip it, whatever you prefer.  The after party will feature food and beverages and a WHOLE LOT of information about FiA and our plans for the remainder of 2019.  You should be there!

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