Doracides Make A Splash

14 PAX arrived to Foxtrot this morning despite the threat of Doracides and rain.  The weatherman nailed his forecast, because the rain started right at 6 am, just as predicted.  We were able to get in 30 minutes of dry(ish) exercise though.

We started with a warm up of Ring of Fires.

1. All PAX did Arm circles while we passed around 4 Windmills

2.  Next, all PAX did leg swings while we passed around 5 TTTs (this one took a while!)

3.  Next up, all PAX did swimmers while we quickly passed around 2 jumping jacks

4.  Last, we all did squats while we passed 2 jump squats around the circle

The Thang: Doracides

I set up cones down the parking lot.  We partnered up like a traditional Dora.  But, the runner gets to do suicides…with some exercises mixed in.

Runner runs to first set of cones and does 2 star jumps, then runs back to their partner and does 2 squat jumps.  Runner then runs to the second set of cones, does 5 narrow squats, then runs back to their partner for 2 more jump squats.  Runner then runs to the third set of cones, does 10 Sumo Squat side crunches and runs back to their partner to switch and take over the exercises Dora style.  Everyone gets to run suicides!

Our Dora exercises were:

300 Side Lunges

250 LBCs

200 Donkey Kicks (with a little lift at the top)

150 Bicep Curls to Overhead Press

100 Step Ups (on the curb)

50 In & Outs

Just as the forecast predicted, the rain made its presence known 30 minutes in.  My hardcore FiA ladies stuck it out and continued to work in the pouring down rain.  Thankfully we took our picture JUST before the rain started.  And thankfully it wasn’t really cold.

But, when Valor’s mat was literally floating down a river puddle and people were squishing on their mats to do the In & Outs, I decided to cut Dora a little short.

We circled up and put on the song “All I Do Is Win”.  When he said “Hands go up and they stay there”, that is exactly what we did.  We kept our arms/hands up the entire song and threw in Hallelujiahs every time he sang “Up, Down, Up, Down”.  It is a four minute song, so our arms were burning!

I am amazed by the wonderful ladies I get to workout with each day.  You guys are strong and caring and faithful and supportive.  And I am so thankful to be a part of FiA with you.  Thank you for ignoring the rain dripping down your face and the fog in your glasses and the squishing of your shoes to stick with me.

We have some big prayer requests today.  So we closed with our COT, a prayer, and some hugs.

❤️, ⛅️

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