Dora’s Mother’s Day surprise

Eleven Heaven

May 8, 2019

  • When: 05/08/2019
  • Q: Hairspray
  • Pax: Kodak, Stitch, Canon85, Mariposa, Rise up, Dior, and three FNGs, Paloma AKA Dove, America AKA Miss America, and Julissa AKA Mola.

We had 10 PAX join us today for a Mother’s Day inspired workout. This is our biggest number yet!

First we warmed up while I explained the workouts. We did sungods, windmills and toy soldiers.

The Thang


We partnered up for a Dora workout. One person ran a lap while the other did an exercise. Collectively the pats had to get the following exercises done.

100 L-laterals

150 squat jumps

200 chest fly

250 scissor kicks

300 jumping jacks

once everyone finished, we regrouped and did our next workout. We did a tabata workout 20/10 spelling out Mother’s Day.


Overhead press



Elbow to knee


Sit ups

Dead lifts

Alternate back lunges

Y-raise (Superman)

We ended with prayers and praise and named our FNGs!

Althea Griesbeck

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