Easter “Egg”sercise!

Happy Holy Week! For our Pre-Easter Beatdown, Canon 85 took the 1st half with Easter baskets filled with eggs (including “PRIZE” eggs) that contained an arm/leg/cardio exercise in each. I finished with (Hollywood) abs for the 2nd half.

After the disclaimer & beatdown instructions, we warmed up with arm circles, leg stretches & jumping jacks (IC).


Pax split into 2 groups. From our mats we ran/walked to stairs, “bunny” hopped to the top of the stairs to the designated basket to pick an egg. Ran back to our mats to do the exercise.  We continued for about 15(ish) min.

Eggs contained the following exercises with various reps:  Merkins, Bicep Curls, Overhead Press, Chest Flies, Upright Rows, Weighted Squats, Wall Sit, Alternating Lunges, Monkey Humpers, Burpees.

*PRIZE Egg-Lieutenant Dans! For the entire Pax!

For the 2nd half of the beatdown we did Hollywood Abs as a group.  Index cards with a name of a celebrity on one side with their ab exercise of choice on the other with reps/time. Since it was Canon 85’s VQ (& she did awesome btw), she chose our first ab workout – Lady Gaga (Russian twists). Each Pax then took turns choosing their celebrity. Others that were chosen are as follows:  Gwen Stefani – Oblique twists/side to side, Kelly Ripa – plank jacks, Carrie Underwood – Bird Dog Plank, Kim Kardashian – Pike ups & of coarse, J-Lo’s/Brook Burkes.

COT –  we had a couple prayer requests & praise reports! Name-O-Rama – we named TWO FNGs!!! Pioneer for her love of cooking & her favorite Food Network Chef (The Pioneer Woman) & Mariposa, (which is the Spanish translation of butterfly), she loves to be around people & have great conversation. Definitely in the right place!  Welcome ladies!

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