Eleven Eleven

Is it just me, or does everyone get a little joy out of seeing 11:11 on a digital clock?  That was the inspiration for today’s workout.  Which took place at 5:30, not 11:11.

8 PAX joined me on this beautiful 50 degree weather day!  It is a wonderful thing when 8 PAX feels like a really small group.  We have added several new sites, dates, and times in effort to spread a little thinner across our region.  Sometimes it is nice to workout with a small group and really get to talk to everyone.

My friend Sarah finally joined me this morning – thank you!!  Welcome Wilson!  So, I checked off my third FNG Bingo box today.  It was a great morning!

So, the Beatdown.

We started with a warmup of arm circled, toe touches, and jumping jacks in cadence.  Then we got to work on our 11s.

The Thang: 2 sets of 11s

First 11: We did squats to overhead press, ran down the parking lot lane to the cross walk, did side lunges, and ran back.  Reps always add up to 11.  So we started with 10 squat to overhead presses and 1 side lungs (each side).  Next was 9 and 2, then 8 and 3…all the way to 1 and 10.

We did bicep curls until everyone was done, drank some water, and caught their breath.

Second 11: same thing with Push Ups and Jump Squats, but instead of running, we lunged to the cones, which were set up halfway down the parking lane.  So we started with 1 push up, lunged to the cones, did 10 jump squats, and lunged back.  Then increased our push up reps and decreased our squat jump rep each time, always adding up to 11.

We closed with some leg stretching, our COT, a prayer, and the naming of our FNG Wilson!

Thank you for hanging with me ladies!  We hope your ankle is better soon Chocolate Chip!!

❤️, ⛅️

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