Elevens, butts and ducks

We had 5 PAX at this mornings beat down! Today was a hot one as we did our workout in the sun. Looks like we will be doing our workouts under the Amphitheater for the warm months. But we all survived and we had the sweat to prove it!

First we warmed up with arm circles, windmills and high knees.

The thang

Our first exercise was Elevens. I had two cones set up. At one cone we did squat presses, then sprinted to the other cone for imperial walkers. The two exercises add up to eleven each round, running back a forth from cone to cone.

Our second exercise was a series of butt workouts focused on midsection, gluten and thighs. We took turns rolling the dice to see how many reps we do. 1=10, 2=20, 3=30, etc.

exercises were in this order: Hip Dips (JLos, Brooke Burke’s), Donkey kicks, plank jacks, leg raises, lunges, fire hydrants, wall sits, and Rosalita’s.

Our last exercise was in the grass where I set up two more cones. We duck walked 10 steps, then did 10 jumping jacks, did 10 more duck walks, than 10 jumping jacks and repeated this till we got to the cone. We turned around and went back to the cone doing the same exercises. We did switch it up a little bit by doing sideways duck walking with jumping jacks for the second round.

We ended with some yoga stretching, COT, and name a rama.

It was a great work out! We were surely hot, tired and possibly a little sunburned. Looking forward to next week!

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