Fia Anniversary Rewind

Return of the glute buster

September 4, 2019

  • When: 09/04/2019
  • Q: Sugarland
  • Pax: Valor, M & M, Straight Shooter, Killa, FNG- Lyndsey Conley and (me) Sugarland
Today is my 1 year Fia Anniversary and I decided I would do a little rewind to the beatdown that made me come back when I didn’t know anyone in FiA, before I knew anyone I fell in love with the workouts and the concept of FiA. On September 4, 2018 my now friends Whole Coconut and Partly Cloudy Co-Q’ed (WC had the Q and PC took her last 15 when she left for work). It was a stations workout!!! 5 Beautiful FiA’s showed up to get their sweat on today and I am so grateful for their support!!!


TTT IC, JJ IC, Quad Stretches, Arm Circles, Runners Stretches

The Thang

There were 4 stations and the timers were set up 1 minute of work and 45 seconds to travel (we used the full parking lot circle- each corner had a station). Each time we went around the circle we moved on the the next exercise on the list.

Station 1: Abs

  1. In & Outs
  2. Alternating Toe Touches
  3. Bicycle Crunches
  4. Pretzel Crunches
  5. Flutter Kicks

Stations 2: Kettlebells

  1. High Pulls
  2. Around the World/Waist
  3. Kettlebell Swings
  4. Figure 8’s (through the legs)
  5. Single Leg Deadlifts

Station 3: Cardio

  1. Star Jumps
  2. Butt Kicks
  3. High Knees
  4. Imperial Walkers
  5. Jump Ropes

Station 4: Legs

  1. Curtsy Lunges
  2. Squats
  3. Calf Raises (on curb or ground)
  4. Reverse Lunges
  5. Alternating Side Leg Lifts

Finished up with some stretches and prayed for our FiA friends and family and those affected by or in the path of Hurricane Dorian

Our FNG today was brought by M&M and she was escaping the path of the hurricane and visiting us…. She is and engineer for NASA (I’m fairly sure), Played lots of different sports and Killa named her SpaceJam!!!!

Cassie Dillon

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