FiA Cherokee Board of Pain

15 PAX at Foxtrot this beautiful Saturday!  We warmed up with stretches, arm circles, jumping jacks, TTTs, all in cadence, followed by a lap.

Then we got to work on our board of pain.  This is a go at your own pace workout, modify as necessary, count reps on either side or both sides as one – you do you.  The whole idea is to see how far you get today and record it.  We will do it again in a couple months to see if we make any progress.  Hopefully we will!

It was a lot of counting, so a rather quiet workout.  But, we are all feeling it today (the day after).  So here is our Boatd Of Pain:

We all made it to Calf Raises and some made it to the Deadlifts!

We closed with a prayer, our COT and names.  Then we stayed for coffeteria and fellowship.  Another great Foxtrot Beatdown!

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