FiA Cherokee Does Paincakes

13 PAX jumped on the FiA bandwagon with me this morning at Foxtrot.  So many FiAs showed up even though they stayed up late the night before watching the remake of 90210.  After quieting the mumble chatter, we warmed up with some arm circles and ring of fires.  While everyone did Windmills, we passed around 5 jumping jacks.  While we all did TTTs, we passed around toy soldiers.  Then we got started on The Thang.

7 Minute AMRAPs, followed by 2 minutes of Paincakes

AMRAP 1: 30 Standing Side Crunches on each side, then run to the other end of the parking lot and do 30 prisoner squats.  Then run back, rinse and repeat as many rounds as possible for 7 minutes.

Then we took it to the mat for the FiA Paincakes.  I’ve seen other regions doing these and really wanted to jump on that band wagon!  See our video on Instagram.  Paincakes are hard!  We did 2 minutes AMRAP.  1 big girl sit-up, roll over, 1 push up, roll over.

AMRAP 2: 30 Hip Dips, run to end of parking lot, 30 monkey Humpers, run back.  Repeat for 7 minutes.

2 more minutes of Paincakes!

AMRAP 3: 30 Overhead presses, run to end, 30 narrow squats, run back.  Repeat for 7 minutes

2 more minutes of Paincakes!

We did one more AMRAP, no running, for 5 minutes until time ran out.  Then we circled up for our Name-O-Rama and prayer.

Wilson has surgery (again) this coming Monday.  Prayers for her.  A meal train will come out soon.

Pinterest has lost two Grandmother’s recently AND hurt her foot.  Prayers for her.

We have prayers for those trying to sell a house, making job changes, trying to support others who are sick or grieving.

Praises for all the wonderful things happening in our lives.

We have the Flock It 5k and very important meeting on the 25th at Etowah Park. Please join us!

Thank you for another wonderful Foxtrot workout!!

❤️, ⛅️

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