FiA Football Fun

15 PAX showed up at AO The Den hoping to beat the snow that never came
but thankfully it was a comfortable 45 degrees and we all had a great
Beatdown! We started the Beatdown with a warm-up / stretch that
consisted of the following: Jumping Jacks (10) in cadence, Windmills (10) in
cadence, Arm circles (forward and backwards), leg pulls, and runner

The Thang:
With the Super Bowl in Atlanta this weekend, it was only fitting that we
play our own fun FiA Football game. It consisted of 4 quarters each lasting 4
minutes long. There were 4 workouts per quarter and we repeated all 4
exercises as many times as we could during the 4 minutes. At the end of
each quarter we had a commercial break (no resting though!) that
consisted of some sort of cardio and 10 burpees. The exercises were as
1 st Quarter:
A) 5 Merkins
B) 10 LBCs
C) 15 Sumo Squats (with or without weights)
D) 20 Jumping Jacks
Commercial Break 1: Lt Dan to a defined distance, 10 burpees, run back
2 nd Quarter:
A) 5 Inchworms
B) 10 Tricep Dips or overhead extensions with weights
C) 15 Monkey Humpers
D) 20 High Knees

Commercial Break 2: Side shuffle to a defined distance, 10 Burpees, side
shuffle (switching sides) back
3 rd Quarter:
A) 5 Bent-over rows
B) 10 Shoulder Taps
C) 15 Flutter Kicks (15 ea side for 30 total)
D) 20 Skaters
Commercial Break 3: Lt Dan to a defined distance, 10 Burpees, run back
4 th Quarter:
A) 5 Dead-lifts
B) 10 Sumo side crunches
C) 15 Bicep Curls
D) 20 Toy Soldiers
Commercial Break 4: Power skip to a defined distance, 10 Burpees, power
skip back.

We concluded the beat-down with some stretching and because Wonder
Woman didn’t get enough Burpees during the commercial breaks, many of
us joined her in 10 additional Burpees after the beat-down. She said it was
to help some ladies check off that Bingo box but not many of us needed
that box so I think she just wanted to see us sweat some more. 🙂
We all joined together for COT and Name-o-Rama. I shared one of my
favorite bible verses and devotionals I re-read often to myself:
“If God is for us who can be against us?” Romans 8:31
“You are a woman of God with a remarkable destiny, because the One
living in you is greater than anything you will ever face in this world. He is
your secret strength. He can help you overcome and carry on.
Let go and take God at His Word, trusting that He can and will use even
your most painful circumstances for your good and His glory. He will bring
joy to your spirit and strengthen your heart. Nothing can stop His love for
you. You are special, unique, and wonderful.

Remember: God is for you. May that promise fill you with joy and
strength.” – Debbie Waldrep

1) Secret Sister Gift Exchange – For those who signed up, don’t forget to get
your gifts to your secret sister some time before February 14 th .
2) Bring your feminine hygiene products to the beat-downs to support
MUST ministries and Bethany House through February.
3) AR Workshop social on February 8 th
4) Virtual 5K Race on February 3 (2p at Etowah Park) and February 10

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