FiA – Wonder Woman 5K

9 PAX for a very chilly, Ad Hoc, early Sunday morning Wonder Woman 5K. There was still a light white frost on the ground that was covering all the grass and the bridge that was on our 5K route. We gathered near the playground picnic table area, posted our FiA flag, took a few group pictures and walked to what we decided would be our starting line. We all started our running watches and we were off.

We ran a lap around the Etowah River park, over the bridge and through the green space to the other park, Heritage Park. We ran a lap around the whole park and headed back through the green space to Etowah River Park. One more 1/2 lap around that park and we had hit our 5K. We stopped at the 5K mark and walked the 1/2 lap back to our picnic area for cool down.  Our bodies were now warm and we felt like staying and chatting a little bit.

We brought out the coffee and creamers. We took a few more photos and had a metal ceremony.

FiA – Wonder Wonder gave all the metals to the ladies that are NOW honorary Wonder Woman!!

Its was a great way to start a Sunday. Get up, get out, and get it done!! I love all these wonderful FiA’s. Proud to be a part of this amazing group.

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