Four corners

Today turned out to be a beautiful day! We had 7 PAX come out, including an FNG. Thanks Freckles! We got lucky that there was no rain. We got to enjoy the sun and had to chase a few mats down because of the occasional wind gust. City of Woodstock is doing a lot of work on the amphitheater so we have to improvise a little. Great work out today though.

We started with warm ups. We did windmills, arm circles and stretched our legs. This was in preparation for the first workout that focused on legs and glutes. I was still hurting from Monday’s workout at the Thicket, so I knew this would be a challenge for me.

The Thang

Our first workout was Tabata with 20 seconds of an exercise and 10 seconds rest. We did 8 exercises, 3 rounds with an additional 10 second rest in between each round.

  1. Squat hold
  2. Heel lift while in squat position
  3. Monkey Humpers
  4. Curtsy lunge
  5. Raggedy Ann’s
  6. Squat press
  7. Backward lunge
  8. Toe taps

Our second workout was Four Corners. We divided into two groups so we were not tripping over each other. Each cone had an exercise  and then directions on how to get to the next cone. We did this in escalator style with reps at each cone going up and then down; 10, 20, 30, 40, 40 , 30, 20, 10. It adds up up a total of 50 of each exercise.

Cone #1 Dead lifts, then run Backwards to the next cone

Cone #2 Bicep curls then do The Mario (Skip while punching up into the air) to the next cone

Cone #3 Shoulder press then Karaoke to the next cone

Cone #4 Tricep kickbacks then run or sprint to the first cone.

Group one started at Cone #1 and group 2 started at Cone #3.

After this we had about 15 mins left so we did bag of abs. Each lady picked a stick that has an exercise written on both sides. They got to choose which one we did first. We went down the row and then back to the first person to do the other side of the stick. We did workouts like planks, BGS, lateral toe crunches, and more.

We ended with stretching our arms and legs.

We circled up for COT and Name-a-rama. Prayers for Freckles mom having eye surgery today. We also got to name our FNG Allie AKA Callie because she likes to write in calligraphy. Time to start collecting for a flag!

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