Foxes on the Bench

10 PAX at Foxtrot this beautiful and cool fall morning.

The day started out with Smooth Operator and I getting 6.4 miles of Rucking in on a 6:00 AM early morning start. We threw our Rucks on in the dark and watched the sunrise together as we circled the trails around the park. The weather was amazing, nice and cool. Although we warmed up quickly with our quick step pace and 6 mile mission on our minds. Wonderful way to start the day.

A little before 8:00 we took off the Rucks and headed to the play ground picnic tables. We started our workout with stretching, moving the whole time while the song “MOVE!” was on. We did… Running in place, Jumping jacks, squats, toys soldiers and more Running in place.

The Thang –

The benches were the focus of this work out. We each picked a bench and called it ours for the whole workout.

Tabata – 50 second of exercise , 15 seconds rest

Step ups – Opposite knee up at the top & add hand weights for bicep curls or hallelujahs.

Incline Push-ups

Right side step ups & add hand weights for bicep curls or hallelujahs.

Left side step ups & add hand weights for bicep curls or hallelujahs.

Mountain Climbers

Tricep Dips

Sit & Stand Squats – add hand weights for hallelujahs on the stand up

Toe Touches

After each round we took a lap, got some water and took a short break.

The 3 rounds took most of the hour. Although we thankfully had time for Abs. We did as a group flutter kicks, bicycles, and a few 6 inch of the group slow holds. We ended with 2 minutes of stretching it all out.

The workout ended with high fives for everyone, a COT, nameorama, prayers and a little bit of laughs. We passed out scheduled to the PAX so they could invite more FNG’s.

Amazing work by everyone!! *Chocolate Chip stole the show with her awesome Toe Tapping skills and strong running. VIP-FiA for the workout. *Inspector Gadget did all the extra credit with extra weights at the top on every rep. She was killing it. *Triple B, it was so great to see Her. She is looking great and we missed her. She kept it strong through out the whole workout with a smile on her face. Maybe that was that she was happy the timer stopped. *Straight Shooter was all smiles, positive energy and strength through out the whole workout. Hitting each rep and walking it out in between the sets. *Blue Bell was her amazing and quite self. Making it look easy and never missing a step. Awesome job girl. *Vontrap was wonderful to meet. She worked in saving her kids life and a full workout. Super mom-ing at its best. *Sugarland was killing the tricep dips. Dipping down to the ground and rep-ing it out till the last second. Awesome job. Those guns are looking good. *Kodak was killing the squats. Strengthening the booty and never slowing down. Spartan Race here she comes, you better watch out. *Smooth Operator was with me from minute one till 3 hours later. Strong and steady never faltering and banging out the reps. The Rock of the group.

Spending the morning with my FiA’s is one of the best ways I know to start an amazing weekend. I am blessed to know you all. Thank you for joining me.

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