Friday Fabulous-ness!

3 PAX at AO The Hideout – The warmer weather is so wonderful. But can be too hot for a run in the evening. So I drove to the AO early to get my miles in before the workout. 2 other amazing and motivated FiA’s joined me at 5:30. We began our workout. 

~ Warm up ~

Warm up lap

Arm circles Forwards IC

Arm circles Back IC

Imperial Walkers IC

Toy Soldiers IC


IC – 4 ct X 10 each

~ Warm up lap ~

4ct X 10 each

Hallelujah’s IC

Bicycles IC

Squats w/ side kicks IC

Russian Twists IC

Side Arm raises IC

Flutter Kicks IC

Jumping Jacks IC


We did all the exercises together & ran a large lap in-between each set. 3X 

Ring of Fire – ( 1 )

In a circle the PAX hold a plank while a FiA does 5 star jumps. 2X

“It burns, burns, burns that ring of Fire!”

1 more time:

Ring of Fire – ( 2 )

In a circle the PAX hold a plank while a FiA does on burpee, runs down to where the flag is posted, runs back and does one more burpee. We did this 2X.

Many prayers / Nameorama  & Hugs 

May God bless us all in our journey and struggles of the day! Hold us and guide us to the correct path. Continue to give us internal and external strength.

Originally posted to FiA Nation