Friday Night Lights

500 reps to make you Sweat!

August 26, 2019

  • When: 08/26/2019
  • Q: Sugarland
  • Pax: Guac, Spokes, Diggity Dog, Smooth Operator, Rescue and ME~Sugarland

6 strong PAX showed up to start our week off right… the weather was cool and had a mist in the air which felt nice. So my son plays high school football and started our season off on Friday night and college started on Saturday and pro is around the corner…. so we went with a high school football theme today!!!! Which did not disappoint it was a killer !!!

First off you are able to choose which team your are playing for each time and i loved that most people pushed through the varsity every time…..

Pre-Game Warm-up

  • JV1 Lap or Varsity1 Lap + 5 Burpees

~1st Half of the Game x 3 rounds~

  • JV– 50 total Walking Lunges or Varsity 50 walking Lunges Right+Left=1
  • JV- 10 Burpees or Varsity 10 Burpees + 180 degree Turn
  • JV- 15 Push-ups or Varsity- 15 Push-up w/ alternating side plank


  • Lap for all

~ 2nd Half x 3 Rounds ~ (we only had time for 2)

  • JV- 50 Total Mt Climbers or Varsity 50 (R+L=1) Mt Climbers
  • JV- 25 Squats or Varsity50 Squat Jumps
  • JV- 15 Tricep Dips or Varsity 30 Tricep Dips

~ Post Game Party ~

  • JV-  1 Sprint to cone and back or Varsity 2 Sprints back/forth to cone

~Championship Game~

  • JV- 50 Jumping Jacks or Varsity- 50 Star Jumps
  • JV- 25 Total Skaters or Varsity- 25 (R+L=1) Skaters
  • JV- 15 Fwd/Back Bear Crawls or Varsity- 15 (stay Low) Bear crawls Fwd/Back


  • Take a Victory Lap

~Prepare for Homecoming Pics~

  • JV- 50 Crunches or Varsity 50 x 2 Crunches
  • JV- 25 Leg Lifts or Varsity 25 x 2 Leg Lifts
  • JV- 15 Big Girl Sit-ups or Varsity 15 x 2 Big Girl Sit-ups
  • JV & Varsity Plank till Fail

Stretched a bit and circled up for prayers for Claire and Wilson and all unspoken requests….

*Announcements: Q’s are needed for The Union this month and other AO ‘s please step up if you can!!

Cassie Dillon

Originally posted to FiA Nation