Friday Night (Morning) Lights

2 PAX came out this beautiful morning to enjoy the Friday “night” lights by grabbing a stadium workout!

We went from the Hideout location down to the Track/Football Field (1/4 mile away).

The Thang

There were three sets of exercises, with each of them starting with one lap around the track:

1  Lap Around Track (1/4 mile)

1 Bleacher Snake (Weave up and down the stairs all away across)

25 Walking Lunges

50 Jumping Jacks

15 Push-Ups (Incline or Regular)


1 Lap Around Track

Jump Up the Stairs (Up one flight)

15 Pendulum Lunges (each side)

20 Burpees

15 Push-Ups (Incline or Regular)


1 Lap Around Track

1 Bleacher Snake

25 Squats

25 Speed Skaters (each side)

1 minute plank


After the three sets, we ended with another lap around the track, followed by 50 LBC’s. Thus running a mile on the track.

We ended with some leg stretches, and then in our COT we lifted up the various prayer requests.

This was a great beatdown! Thank you ladies for coming out!

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