Full Body Beat Down

…Guess who is back…

April 12, 2019

  • When: 04/10/2019
  • Q: Trailmix
  • Pax: Rose, Luna, Veena, Diggity Dog, Pinterest, Owlette, Tea Time, Beaker, Longhorn, Cheese it, Soda Pop, Bourban, Tiny Dancer, Partly Cloudy, FNG Stacey Double Axle,

It was a hot sunny afternoon at Foxtrot.  We are all excited about the warm weather, but the heat will be pretty rough in that afternoon sun.  We had lots of ladies join us for the beat down including and FNG!

Warm Up

Arm Circles

Toy Soldiers

Through the tunnel

Ran the big loop

The Thang

We split up into two groups separated by a little distance.  One group focused on 10 upper body exercises while the other group focused on 10 lower body exercises.  We completed 15 reps of each exercise.  Once we finished the 10 exercises at the lower body station, we had to do Lieutenant Dans all the way to the  upper body station.  Once we completed all 10 exercises at the upper body station, we had to Bear Crawl all the way to the lower body station.  We were able to do two rounds of each station.

Upper Body Station


Overhead Press

Push Ups

Tricep Kickbacks

Carolina Dry Docks

Upright Rows

Shoulder Taps

Bent Over Rows

Lateral Raises

Plank Jacks

Lower Body Station

Side Lunges

Monkey Humpers

Squats of choice

Star Jumps

Donkey Kicks

Curtsy Squats

Calf Raises

Squat Kickbacks

Jumping Jacks

Glute Bridges

We finished the last 10 minutes with a round of Mary.  Each FiA sister chose an ab workout and rep for all ladies to do together.

We ended with the COT and a prayer.  Thank you ladies for coming out!  I am so grateful for this group!

Lyndsey Reed

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