Game of War

Weights on Wednesday

September 26, 2019

  • When: 09/27/2019
  • Q: Sugarland
  • Pax: Michelle-FNG, Canon, Stitch, Kodak, Inspector Gadget, Southern Charm & Sugarland (me)
7 PAX joined together at the Hideout this morning to get ready for their weekend!!!! Stitch rolled out of bed for her first early beatdown(she isn’t crazy about the morning apparently)! 👏🏻And she brought a FNG visiting from Florida- Michelle!!! We also saw Canon show up for her first early morning beatdown!!!! Great job ladies!!

The Warm-up

Big Arm Circles F/B

Butt Kicks

Leg stretches oyo (because apparently I can’t do disclaimer and lead a warmup at the same time at 5:30am) LOL

The Thang

Reps were the # on the card face cards were reps of 12

We took turns going down the line in pairs flipping 2 cards the person with the higher card does the exercise that coordinates with the number on the board & card the person with the lower card runs a short sprint to the cone 3-4 bus lanes away. The rest of the group just did the exercises with the high card winner.
when we shuffled the deck i decided to switch rolls and let the higher card run the sprint and lower card be the exercise.

* notice my humor~ there is no #1 in a deck of cards 😂

* if you have a larger group you can split group into 2 teams and play each other!!!

Finished up with stretches & COT and named our FNG, she loves mountain biking, swimming, and all kinds of exercising but her bike was a Quintana Roo and we went with “Iron Roo” welcome friend!!!
announcements: 2.0 beatdown this Saturday at Foxtrot, please fill out the survey about Woodstock hickory flat locations and the thicket time!!!!

Cassie Dillon

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