Glorious Sunrise Workout

9 PAX at AO Foxtrot this morning. 9 beautiful ladies set that alarm, got up before the sun and pushed themselves out the door to get it done. These awesome ladies collected near the FiA flag to have a glorious workout. This work out was inspired and parts of it were taken from a FiA sister in Toledo. Thank you Chick-Fil-A for your inspiration.

We started with stretching for the duration of the whole song “Alive” from Krewella. Then we ran a big parking lot lap.

~ The Thang ~

We used some cones that I placed down the parking lot to know where to stop and start during the songs that we were traveling.  We did the exercises for the duration of a whole song.  We did an exercise at the start and stop with an additional exercise in between.

1 ) – 5 Burpees (at each set of cones) – Boxer shuffle with arm punches in between cones.

Song ‘”Glorious” – Macklemore.

2) – We found our mats and I Q’ed the PAX when to change exercises.

Bicycles, Flutter Kicks, Scissors (side to side)

Song “Believer” – Imagine Dragons

We took a lap as a group.

3) – 10 Squats (at each set of cones) – Grapevines in between cones.

Song “Stars” – Marshmello

4) –  We found our mats and I Q’ed the PAX when to change exercises.

Shoulder taps, Plank jacks, Mountain climbers

Song “Move” – Toby Mac

We took a lap as a group.

5) – 30 Jump ropes (at the start cones) – Gorillas in between cones – 1 Burpee at the far cones

Song “Jump” – Van Halen

6) – We found our mats and I Q’ed the PAX when to change exercises.

Baby arm circles, Arms out palms up and push the air up, Hallelujah’s

Song “God Only Knows” – King & Country

We all rested our arms and did a few stretches. Not enough time for our last lap.

COT, Namorama & announcements. Many prayers for traveling FiA & their families. Please be safe and return to us happy, well rested and refreshed. Many prayers to find “CLARITY”!! There are many paths in life, God gives us direction. Although the clarity as to the path we are giving is not always there. God please help us to understand and have clarity in the path we are on. Thank you God for your strength and guidance.

Awesome work today ladies!! You all rocked it and made it look good. Have a glorious and happy Friday Eve. The sun may have been down when we started but the amazing sunrise that we received as a gift during the end of our workout was breath taking. Thank you God & Mother Nature.

To all those FiA ladies that didn’t make it to a workout this week … GET OUT HERE!! You deserve it!! You are worth it!! We miss you and we are here for you. Come back and get your work out in. You need it!!

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