Guns & Guts Pyramid

10 strong Pax showed up at AO Foxtrot today for a few Pyramids first we did Guts & Guns and when we finished that up we flipped the chart and did a pyramid of Butt & Legs!!!!


I almost forgot to warm-up all together….

Arm Circles front and back, morning stretch to the sky and to the floor, some twists of the core side to side and quad stretches!!

The Thang

1st Pyramid ~ Arms, Lap, Abs, Lap, Arms, Lap ….

50 – Hallelujahs ~ Lap

45 – Pretzel Crunches, Bicycle Crunches ~ Lap

40- Bicep Curls, Moroccan Nights Clubs, Tricep Kickbacks ~ Lap

35- Flutter Kicks, Big Girl Sit-ups, Leg Lifts, In & Outs ~ Lap

30- (IC) Randy’s, Overhead Press, Upright Rows, Front Arm Raises, Tricep Extensions ~ Lap

2nd Pyramid ~ Legs & Butt

50- Glute Bridges

40- Curtsy Lunges (sets)

30- Deadlifts

20- Backward Lunges (sets)

10- Sumo Squats


We only had a few minutes left so only had time to get 2/4 things left done

So we wrapped up with Bat Wings & Sally

then circled up for COT & Name-O-Rama

*Prayers for Liam, WW’s mommy, Shrinky Dink’s hubby, Kiera and the kids that were bullying her at school for they may be in pain.

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