HIIT Combos

13 Pax came out for some HIIT intervals! Cardio centered combos made up this workout with one minute burnouts at the end of each set.


arm circles forward and back, slap backs, toy soldier IC, 30 sec run in place

The Thang:

5 minute sets- 2 exercises each set, 45s work 15s rest for 4 minutes, last minute burnout 30s Exercise 1 straight into 30s E2, 1 minute rest between sets

Set 1: Skaters with Funnell punch during hop, fast feet forward and back

Set 2: Pop squat with hammer curl up, side shuffle floor tap

Set 3: Press jacks with weight, plank jacks

Set 4: Mario’s with weights, Side hip star jumps

Set 5: Pendulum kicks with overhead press, 2 pulse squat with fast in and out

Set 6: standing Russian twist, hillbillies

Cool down: hip and quad stretchs, arms across each side, straddle and fold down, bend one knee and stretch over for inner thigh stretch.

COT, prayers and nameorama.

everyone worked hard today!!! They pushed themselves and worked through all the exercises! Thanks for coming out 🙂

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