Hungry Hungry Hippos

Hungry Hungry Hippos

14 Pax showed up to play an adult version of Hungry Hungry Hippos! There air was cool and refreshing and gosh aren’t we all just READY. FOR. FALL! Anyways, we got started right away!

Warm Up:

10 Jumping Jacks IC

10 side shuffles with a squat IC

10 OYO side to side lunging windmills

4 hip flexor/hamstring stretches each side

Arm circles front and back

The Set up

We used a whole row of parking spots to set up our game and then used the lap around the outside of our space to do necessary exercises as prescribed by our colorful ping pong balls! We had one cone at each corner of the parking lot and one cone in the middle holding all of our ping pong balls. We split into 4 teams. 2 volunteers took turns bear crawling to grab our 2 balls from the center cone (one partner bear crawls to the cone while other partner jogs. Partner one carries balls back, partner 2 bear crawls back. Try doing a true partner wheelbarrow to take this up a notch!)

Once we each had our 2 balls for group, we did what they said and then rotated to the next corner. Once all groups hit all 4 corners, the hippos were fed and moved to their mats. Wait, did I just call us a bunch of hippos???

Ping Pong Balls:

Blue Balls (2): 12 Burpees, 1 lap Indian Run

Pink Balls (2): 20 Squat Jacks, Catch me If You Can with 16 bear crawls

Green balls (2): 15 Burpees, 1 Bojangles Biscuit

Yellow Balls (2): Lt. Dan down and back with continued count, 20 alternating star jumps and squat jumps

At the mats we worked on arms and abs by doing 1 round of Captain Thor to 10 BGSU and we did 1 round of ATMs. We had a good little time left to stretch it back out, grab the selfie, and circle up to pray and name-o-rama! Continued prayers for Wilson as she recovers, Bourbon as she nurses an injury, Choo Choo’s daughter Claire, and our community of teenagers as they deal with the loss of a fellow student.

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