I Pyramid of Pain…SO HARD

So, this morning I dipped in to my bag of tricks and favorite things, and decided to go with the video blog duo #IMomSoHARD, and today 11 PAX came to hang out with me to complete The Pyramid of Pain, and they all rocked it…SO HARD! After a warm up of Michael Phelps, Backward and Forward Arm Circles (OYO), and TTT and Windmills (IC) and then we moved on to:


This pyramid was no joke, because ….Haha….I decided to add burpees. Note to self: PAX NOT fans of the 10 Burpees per lap. I deserved a lot of punches in the face, but it was seriously physically impossible.

Round 1: Plank Rows with Tricep Kick Back, Dead Lifts, Chest Press, Bicep Curls With Chicken Wing, Chicken Wing With Overhead Press

Followed by running 5 laps and completing 10 Burpees per lap. So, all in 50 Burpees were completed, 5 laps, and 25 reps of each exercise. Again, Burpees….NOT BIG FANS! So, I made an executive decision and decided to scrap the Burpees. Good decision.

Round 2: Glute Bridges with Right Leg Lift, Glute Bridges with Left Leg Lift, Donkey Kicks (Alternate 15 on each side), Sumo Squats

Followed by running 4 laps 30 reps of each exercise, and ixnay the urpeebays.

Round 3: 35 reps of each exercise, Big Girl Sit Ups, Leg Lifts, Rosalitas

Run 3 Laps

Unfortunately we did not get to Rounds 4 and 5…stupid Burpees…. we were all exhausted, but some how mustered up the strength to stretch, take a picture, pray over our FiA sisters, and name-o-rama.

Seriously ladies, you rock SO HARD!

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