Improving Our Curb Appeal

10 PAX joined me at Foxtrot to improve their Curb Appeal!  Hehehe.  By Curb Appeal, I mean ALL excersizes were done on the Curb.  For real.

We started off with my little yoga mat warm up game.  Only we didn’t use mats, we used spaces on the Curb outlines by sidewalk chalk.  I call out a number and PAX scramble to get to a “mat” with THAT number of occupants.  Anyone left out had to do arm circles until we were down to the winners.  We did a second round where the left overs did windmills.  Then we wrapped up our warm up with curbside toe taps, step ups, and inclined mountain climbers.

Then we got started on The Thang:  Curbside Dora

We partnered up.  1 person did reps, the other person ran down the center parking lane and back.  PAX then switch and the runner takes over the reps where their partner left off.

50 Plank Shuffles (Plank position with hand on Curb.  Walk hands down one at a time and back up – that is 1 rep)

100 Tricep Dips (hands on the curb)

150 Uneven Squats Left (left leg on Curb, right leg on ground, and squat – keep your form)

150 Uneven Squats Right

200 Atlas Left (Stand on Curb, bring left leg up like a knee raise while doing an overhead Tricep extension, bring knee back down, try not to touch the Curb (yeah, right!))

200 Atlas Right – we dropped those weights real quick!

150 Lunge Curls L (stand on Curb, step back with left leg into a lunge and curl arms up with a bicep curl)

150 Lunge curls R (between the reps and the running, our legs were toast at this point)

100 Decline Glute Bridges – feet on the Curb

50 Curb Hops (think Box Jump, but much lower my friends)

466 calories later we were soaked with sweat and unable to feel our legs!  Our curbs are improved!

The ladies killed it.  I love that they always put up with my shenanigans.  We circled up close, despite our ickiness, and prayed for a PAX’s coworker who lost her husband this week.  For our own Owlette who needs some healing.  And for one of our 2.0s who is taking her first communion this week!  The ladies of FiA Cherokee are so blessed with wonderful, beautiful PAX that truly love each other and go out of there way to support each other every minute of the day.  I am so thankful to be a part of this group.

❤️, ⛅️

P.S. So Many Socials coming up!

May 4th – FiA/F3 Convergence 5k

May 18 – Post Mother’s Day Soiree

June 1 – Summer Happy Hour

June 14 – Girls Night Out with Dorris Bentley

June 22 – Flippin 5k

All Summer Long – Must Ministries Summer Lunch FiAlanthropy

See me, FB, or Slack for the details!

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