One of the foundations of FiA is that FiA workouts are held outdoors: rain or shine, hot or cold. FiA makes no representations with regard to the safety or hazardous nature of the premises upon which workouts are conducted. FiA participants are expected to make their own reasonable decisions regarding whether weather conditions are safe, given their own skill levels and individual physical limitations.

FiA Nation leaves the ultimate decision regarding whether to cancel a scheduled FiA workout due to weather conditions to the workout site Q, who knows her physical site and its potential perils best. However, a workout site Q must use her discretion wisely and sparingly, as appropriate, remembering that a scheduled FiA workout is a promise to the PAX.

FiA workouts should not ever be cancelled for rain, heat, or cold, barring extremely rare weather conditions which render it impossible to exercise outdoors. FiA workouts should be cancelled in the event of lightning, ice or snow which render the road and/or site conditions perilous to travel by car or foot. FiA workouts should also be cancelled for meteorological perils such as tornado and hurricane watches and/or warnings.

If the site Q has hesitations regarding exercising her discretion to cancel a workout, she should defer to her regional leader for an ultimate decision. A site Q who makes the decision to cancel her site’s workout for the aforementioned reasons shall immediately alert her regional leader, who will assist the site Q in alerting the PAX of the cancellation via the FiA Nation website, social media and word of mouth.

By receipt and review of this document, you are acknowledging your intent to adhere to the FiA Nation, LLC Inclement Weather Policy, as detailed hereinabove.