International Talk Like A Pirate Day

9 Pax showed up at AO Foxtrot to celebrate International Talk Like A Pirate Day 🏴‍☠️☠️ How fun!!! I created a pirate themed playlist for the festivities 🥳The weather was an amazing 67 degrees and more then welcomed by most of the PAX….. some people wanted it cooler and were sad to have to still wear shorts not mentioning any names (partly cloudy ⛅️😉) 😂….

Started on time with some oyo stretches/warm-up while I went through the exercises and concept…

The Thang

Exercise x 1 minute

Rest x 30 seconds

”battle squat”- sumo squat

”bilage toss”- woodchoppers

”sail climbers”- tree/mountain climbers

180 degree jumps

”peg leg squats”- single leg squats (30 secs each leg)

”Rum runner”- Run a lap

”Walk The Plank”- spider plank

”pirate stroll”- hillbillies

“jump the ship”- jump squats

”dead man’s lifts”- deadlifts

”drink the rum”- hammer curls

”rum runner”- Run a lap

”pull the sails”- lying alternating toe touches

butt kicks

”pirate crawl”- walking lunges

”pull the sword”- overhead tricep ext Into to kettlebell swing with dumbbell

”bourbon break”- bourbons

”sword fight”- skaters

”surrendering”- surrenders

”row your boat”- bent over rows

”pretzel snack”- pretzel crunches (legs Indian style)

”rum runner”- Run a lap

finished up with time for some stretches COT and name-o-rama

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