Iron Pax Challenge FiA Cherokee Style

Here we all are at Foxtrot ready to complete this Iron Pax Challenge. Though modified (a lot) the workout was simple, yet effective. 8 Pax, humid morning…Iron Pax Challenge? YAAAAAS!  As Barney Stinson would say, “CHALLENGE ACCEPTED!” We did some warm up stretches, Windmills, TTT, Michael Phelps, and SSH (all IC) and moved on to:


Here it is: Iron Pax Challege

Round 1 x 3

24 Big Girl Sit Ups

24 Squats

24 Walking Lunges (24 out, 24 back…YOWZA!)

After each round we all completed a large lap around the parking lot. So, three laps and three rounds completed.

Round 2 x 3

24 Merkins (Push Ups)

24 Squats

24 Bear Crawls (24 out, 24 back…FEELING IT!)

This time we all completed 3 rounds and 2 large laps

We did some cool down stretching, took a picture, and circled up for COT and Name-O-Rama. We prayed for many things, and many people. Thanks so much for coming out this morning, ladies!

Until next time,

Rise Up

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