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Dreary weather didn’t stop 8 PAX from getting it done this morning.  We even had a FNG despite the chilly wet weather (welcome Peaches)! 

We broke up into 3 teams and played 2 games of Jenga led by Trail Mix.  I thought Jenga was a drinking game.  Shots of tequila may have been less painful than the ungodly amount of monkey humpers performed today. Each block had an exercise we did until it was the next team’s turn to pull a brick.  We had a blast and I’m still trying to figure out what a “dying cockroach” is. 

Next we did a tabatta workout – 40 seconds work, 20 seconds rest.  We went through the whole set once.  

Station 1 

-Chair Sit

-Flamingo Leg (don’t ask…I make up weird stuff and thoroughly enjoy subjecting you to it)

-Pulsing Squats

-Downdog Squats 

Station 2

-Tricep Dips

-Walkin Plank


-Belly Arm Pulses

Station 3

-Soccer Kicks

-Squat Jumps

-Hopping Lunge

-Fast feet

Station 4

-Frozen V-Sit 

-Pulsing crunch 

-Downdog crunch 

-Standing side crunch in a squat 

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