March 19, 2019

  • When: 03/18/2019
  • Q: Pinterest
  • Pax: Hairspray, Take 5, Cannon 85, Stitch, Pinterest, Homeland, FNG Tamara “Creekview”

Another chilly morning but we warmed up fast! Thankful for the sunshine!

Warm-up: butt kicks, arm circles

The Thang:

J-E-N-G-A!!! We played giant Jenga. Teaming up with a partner Pax takes turns pulling out a block. Each block has an exercise and the team has to do that exercise until it’s their turn again. If the tower falls during your turn you have to do 3 burpees and run a lap while the rest of the Pax sets back up the tower. We were able to fit in almost 4 rounds! Super fun beatdown!

Stretching and COT. Welcome FNG Creekview!!!

Lauren Ringer

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