Joan of Arms

7 PAX started their Hump Day with me for an Ad Hoc beat down this morning!

Warm up:


Windmills (IC)

High Knees

The Thang:

While planning out my workout, I started thinking – we have Lt. Dan for our legs and Captain Thor for our abs but what do we have for our arms?  I decided we needed something but my F3 husband quickly told me there was already Jack Webb for that.  Awesome – but I was super proud of the name I came up with and I used different arm exercises – so Joan of Arms it is!

Joan of Arms –  Same concept as Lt. Dan and Captain Thor – 1:4 ratio, 1 overhead press:4 Bicep Curls, all the way to 10:40.  It was pretty awful, but totally worth it (I hope)!

Next we moved on to 3 AMRAP circuits. Each circuit was 5 minutes.  We did all reps of each exercise in succession for a total of 5 minutes.

Circuit 1

30 Deadlifts

20 Mountain Climbers (each leg)

10 Burpees

Circuit 2

30 Overhead Tricep Extensions

20 Merkins

10 Manmakers

Circuit 3

30 Bicep Curls

20 Thrusts

10 Burpees

I had to leave at 6 to get to work, but Trailblazer was kind enough to take over the last 15 minutes for me.  Thank you Trailblazer!!

She led them through the last AMRAP circuit above and some abs: LBCs, leg raises, hollow holds and pass thru planks.

This was a great start to what will hopefully be another great AO for FiA Cherokee!

Don’t forget our Springfling is this Sunday at 3.  Bring your family and enjoy the weather and your amazing FiA sisters!

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