Keep Calm and Bring Sally Up

6 Pax showed up this morning despite threats of storms and flooding and a teaser of Moby’s Flower lyrics of Bring (Green) Sally Up! Why is this song called Flower anyways? I’ll google and report back. I digress.

We warmed up with some basic stretching of standing straddle reaches, side lunges, arm stretches and circles, and torso rotations. That was the last time I remember not hearing Sally. We tackled 7 rounds of different muscle versions of Bring Sally Up.


Round 1: Squats

Mosey around the parking lot with jello legs

Round 2: Leg Extensions

Mosey around the parking lot torso tall to stretch out abs

Round 3: Merkins

Mosey around the parking lot in a salmon run (arms flopping and not held in static bicep hold)

Round 4: Alternating Lunges

Mosey around the parking log again despite jello legs

Round 5: Planks

Mosey around the parking lot (salmon run for some as shoulders were feeling it)

Round 6: Tricep Dips on the curb

Mosey around the parking lot

Round 7: V-Ups that turned into sit ups (Just make sure on sally down to hold your sit up off the ground – never let back hit the ground)

Mosey around entire lot for large loop

Everyone was mumbling, but no one was really complaining. Everyone kept a good attitude and pushed through the burn. We will be keeping Sally with us through the weekend. I am SURE of it! All credit for this workout goes to F3 Ricky Bobby. He told me it would be killer and he was right. Props to all F3s that have done this haunting version of Sally- and to all of my FiA sisters who didn’t make it out today- The Seven Sallys will be making a return visit to an AO near you!

We finished with COT and prayer requests. We are all SO Very glad to have our fearless leader, Partly Cloudy back in the country!

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