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March 21, 2019

Three sets of Three

March 22, 2019

  • When: 03/22/2019
  • Q: Valor
  • Pax: Valor, Tiny Dancer, Wonder Woman, Fresh Cotton, Diggity Dogg, Caddy Shack, Indpector Gadget, Homeward Bound

So maybe you’ve heard of Load the Buses! It has a pretty great reputation in Fia Cherokee! Well, today I introduced the PAX to its’ not so distant relative- what I named- Catch the Buses! It’s a not so distant relative of the original! The concept is, you’ve missed the bus and  now you have to catch it. But if you miss it, your incur a penalty. We never caught the bus- but we caught a pretty great beatdown!

Warm Up:



Side to side lunges with a pulse

Squat and reach X10

The Thang:

Sprint from bus lane 1 about 100 yards. You missed the bus. Drop and do 10 push ups. Hold plank until ALL PAX have finished and walk back to bus lane 1 together. Rinse and repeat.

Our goal was 150 push ups. We got there by doing 10 total sprints and adding some reps of 20 or 25 in there before we hit time!

We ended with a quick COT and prayer! Happy Friday! You got your cardio in ladies! Proud of each of you today!

Aly Sharp
Aly Sharp

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