We had 6 PAX show up for some Easter LEGGS and Eggcercises. I can’t hand the amount of puns available for this holiday. The original plan was to run this DORA style, but since our group was small, and odd numbered to start, we just split the group in half and did a group DORA… what can we name that?

Got ahead of myself there! First we warmed up with a little jog in place followed by hip flexor and hamstring stretches in 90/90. Then we didn’t lateral lunge windmills, arm circles, and some neck rolls before we jumped into THE THANG!

There were colored eggs laid out on the hill. The way our park is set up, there is a small loop around the playground and a very large loop around the field. Pax split up and Group 1 ran 2 large loops while Group 2 did Lt. Dan in the small loop. When we all got back, we found 2 Easter eggs and completed the assigned exercises. (There was a color order to the eggs so we ended up doing a ladder). After the 2 eggs were completed, Group 1 was up for Lt Dan and Group 2 became the runners. This lasted for 7 rounds  until we reached time. That meant everyone got at least 3 rounds of Lt. Dan by the end and some unknown amount of running 😊.

The Eggs we pulled had the following exercises:

(Lt and Run)

10 Squat jumps alternating with weight each jump

10 Burpees

(Lt and Run)

20 Merkins

20 Chest fly with leg extensions

(Lt and Run)


30 Deadlifts

(Lt and Run)

40 Figure 4 Squats

40 Tricep Dips

(Lt and Run)

50 Step Ups

50 Forearm Plank shacks

(Lt and Run)

60 Mountain Climbers

60 LBCs

(Lt and Run)

100 Single leg jump ropes

100 regular jump ropes

Unfortunately we ran out of time to run the accumulator through all the eggs! So if you find yourself using this workout- try to squeeze that in at the very end! We finished with some much needed leg stretches, COT, and prayers. Happy Easter everyone!

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