LABOR Ladders

6 Pax got to sleep in an extra hour for our delayed Labor Day beatdown! Some of us felt the difference betewen 5:30 and 6:30, others did not! We did all agree that the daylight was quite nice at the end though! Since one of the Qs didn’t have her act together, the Co-Q led the group in stretching and warm up while she ran home to grab the whiteboard with the actual beat down on it! After getting in some stretching and jumping jacks, we got started on 3 LABOR ladders. Each ladder hit on Legs Arms Booty Obliques and Run to spell out LABOR! They were as follows:

The Thang:

We used weights for every exercise when possible!

Ladder 1

L: 20- 4 count Squats to 4 count hip hinge (count down, 2, 3, up 1 for your squat and then down, 2, 3 up 1 for your hinge/deadlift)

A: 40 bicep curl to overhead press

B: 60 Figure 4 squats (30 per leg)

O: 80 Scissor Twists (Legs straight up- lower one leg and twist towards that side, bring it back up and switch)

R: We ran a loop that was a little over 1/3 mile

Ladder 2

L: 20- 4 count reverse lunge with knee driver (count down, 2, 3 on your lunge and up 1 to drive knee up)

A: 40 Narrow to Wide Merkins

B: 60 Narrow Squat Rock (do a narrow squat and then while down, rock forward on the ball of your feet lifting heels up, then back down and stand up)

O: 80 Russian Twists

R: We ran the 1/3ish mile loop

Ladder 3

L: 20- 4 count Sumo Squats (count down, 2, 3, up 1)

A: 40 overhead tricep extensions

B: 60 curtsy lunge pulses (30 per leg)

O: 80 Plank hip dips

R: We ran one last 1/3ish mile loop

We finished right on time! It was nice to not feel so rushed to get home and showered and kids to school/showered for work. We got a little more social time that usual! We ended with our flag selfie and then our COT. We are praying this week for Smooth Operator’s sweet mama as she undergoes a heart cath surgery. We are also praying that Claire’s arm heals well and that she can somehow swim during their beach trip in a few weeks! Keeping Wilson in our prayers for continued healing (and the green light to drive). And of course, praying for all the people in the path of hurricane Dorian. As always, such a great start to a Monday!

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