We have been absolutely hammered with flooding rains here in Cherokee County, but the rain was light today and the PAX showed up to work! We missed some of our PAX while they were away getting CPR and AED certified for the benefit of our group! Thank you Partly Cloudy and Straight Shooter! We hope we never need to put your skills to the test, but we do all feel quite a bit better knowing we have you guys around in a crisis situation!

Our theme today was Ladders. Three were planned, only two were completed. That third WILL be coming back soon to an AO near you!

We warmed up with Cotton Eye Joe (SSHs, squat with side leg raises, pushups)

The Thang:

Ladder 1:

10 Push Ups

20 Monkey Humpers

30 Russian Twists

40 Squats

50 Jumping Jacks

60 Bicep Curls

70 Mountain Climbers

Run a lap. Start at 70 reps and work back to 10. Take another lap

Then came the first round of musical fun: SINGLE LADIES

During the entire song, PAX does Moroccan Night Clubs. When she says “RING”- you do a burpee then resume the MNCs. Song is about 3:15 long and our shoulders were SCREAMING by the end!

Ladder 2:

10 Burpees

20 Plank Jacks

30 Fire Hydrants while holding bear

40 Lunges

50 Flutter Kicks

60 Tricep Dips

70 Step Ups

Run a lap. Start at 70 reps and work back to 10. Take another lap

We were running short on time so we did half of Ghostbusters and then half of Flower by Moby (Bring Sally Up)

For Ghostbusters (AKA Gut Busters)- hold plank the entire song. When he says “Ghostbusters” do a burpee. When it transitions into the “I aint afraid of no ghosts” refrain, do plank jacks. Whole song is about 4 minutes, but for times sake, we did 2 minutes and moved onto Sally!

For Sally- we did the squat version. We went through 2 minutes of the song and our quads were all burning (still reeling from those 140 step ups). Everyone was ready to be done, and right on time!

We had a quick circle where we named 3 FNGs! Welcome Zuko (passionate about Grease and singing) , Scuba Steve (lover of scuba diving), and Bad Ass (the complete opposite of who she actually is)! We snagged a quick photo and moved onto Coffeteria so we could warm up from the cool, misty, windy morning!

Saturday morning beatdowns are always the highlight of my day! Thanks for spending the morning with me ladies! I think we will all be sore SOMEWHERE tomorrow! Oh, and that final burpee count was 45!

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