Leg Wrecker and Paula Abduls

Brrr…was it cold today!  The 20 degree weather didn’t stop 18 PAX from coming out to The Den for their morning Beatdown though!  It is so wonderful to see how we continue to grow in numbers, in dedication, and in strength.  You ladies inspire me!  And it is getting harder and harder to make you sweat and make you sore!

We started our warm up with some reach to the sky then fall to touch your toes moves.  We did this 4 or 5 times along with some quad stretches while some stragglers made their way to our circle.  Then we did 10 Windmills in cadence, 10 JJs in cadence, and 10 seal jacks in cadence.

Then we spread out across the parking lot and completed 2 minutes of line tracers.  Side shuffles and back pedaling were all that was allowed and you had to remain on the lines.  Surprisingly, the 2 minutes went quickly.

The Thang:  we counted off to get a total count as well as to split up.  Odds were 1 group, evens were another.

Leg Wreckers – Group 1 ran down to the end of the parking lot and did Sumo Squats.  Group 2 made their way down to Group 1 by way of Lt. Dan.  1 squat, 4 walking lunges.  2 Squats, 8 lunges.  3 Squats, 12 lunges.  Etc.  Once Group 2 made it to the end, we switched.  Group 1 did Lt. Dan down the parking lot while Group 2 did Sumo Squats.

When Group 1 made it to the end, Group 2 switched to Curtsy Lunges and Group 1 turned around and did Lt. Dan back.  We continued like this so each group did Lt. Dan 4 times down the parking lot and 4 different leg exercises: Sumos, Curtsy Lunges, Side Lunges, And Chair.

Once everyone’s legs were complete toast, we moved on to Paula Abduls.

I set cones up.  And just like the song, we ran forward, then back.  So we ran forward 2 cones, did 5 push ups, then back pedaled 1 cone.  Again, ran 2 cones forward, did 5 push-ups, back pedaled 1 cone. We did this to the end of the parking lot.  Then we did it again back to our starting point only with 20 Hallelujahs instead of the push ups.

I had more Paula Abduls planned, but with only 10 minutes left, we decided to take it to the mats for bag of abs so some PAX could check off a Bingo box.  So, 5 people drew sticks out of the Bag of Abs.  We completed LBCs, Sumo side crunches, Ankle taps, Reverse Crunches, and flutter kicks (some in cadence).  Then we wrapped up our abs with 2 rounds of James Bond v-sits.

We took a minute to stretch out our legs.  We took prayer requests and closed with our COT and name-o-Rama.  We had praises and prayer requests today.    Please keep Shrinky Dink and her family in your prayers as they navigate health issues within the family.

Bring your Fialanthropy donations!  Don’t forget to sign up for Secret Sister.  And join us on the 8th for a fun night out!

❤️, ⛅️

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