Let’s Go Crazy

A total of 8 pax gathered together today to get through this thing we call life…you know the rest! I hope! If not, we went Crazy with our Prince playlist! And by crazy I mean we did some crazy exercises that would probably have made people driving by honk a few times. Not sure if we heard any today though. Anyway, I loved seeing some fresh new faces but missed a few of our regulars today!! I get it, it’s Maycember!


We started off with some light arm/leg stretches & windmills before introducing the ladies to the Tunnel of Love! Each Pax held a plank (in a row, side by side) while one pax army crawled under to the end then went into a plank. Next pax followed, and so on.  We took turns army crawling under the plank of ladies for the duration of Let’s Go Crazy.  This is where it gets cray….

*On to 4 Corners…

Corner 1 – 25 Rosalitas —> DUCK WALK to Corner 2 – 25 Monkey Humpers —-> CRAB WALK to Corner 3 – 25 Angry Donkey Kicks —>BEAR CRAWL to Corner 4 – 25 Froggers —> CAMEL WALK back to 1. Once we caught our breath & got a sip of water we did a short lap & partnered up for Squat/Leg Throwdown – One pax is doing leg lifts while their partner is standing at their head throwing/pushing/guiding their legs down & doing a ski squat. Time to rinse & repeat the 4 Corners, quick lap then partner up again for Back to Back Wall Sit – which ended up being a regular wall sit because our legs were like jello at this point! We did this for the duration of Little Red Corvette. Our last round of 4 Corners was a bit challenging to say the least so I suggested that every one do AMRAP at a corner (then do just one more) before “walking’ to the next corner. After a quick lap, we ended our crazy beat down by partnering up for Plank High-5’s – Each partner planked face to face & gave each other 20 alternating high fives for a job well done today!!

*We had to stay on the stage due to some lawn maintenance at the Amphitheater, so I am VERY THANKFUL no one scraped an elbow or knee!!

COT where we prayed for a few of our FiA sisters to have good health & safe travels! Name-0-Rama was fun today because not only did we get to name 2 strong FNG’s we also got to name my 2.0!

Welcome FNGs!!!! Dawg is a student at Georgia (Go Dawgs) & Bookworm is an English major that of coarse loves to read! Hope to see you girls more often!!! My 2.0 was named Sporty Spice for her love of sports! Thanks to all the ladies for joining me today!! Hope you had fun!!

Originally posted to FiA Nation