Let’s Get Ready For Some Football

Football season is here so I thought I would take it back to my VQ Football Beatdown from a year ago.  It is still hot here in Georgia but there was a cool breeze this morning and I think the temperature is trying to cool down (or at least I hope so, it’s the middle of September for goodness sake).


Light Stretching, hurdler lunge, high knee lift & out, high knees & butt kicks

The Thang:

We each pulled slips of paper from my football bucket.  The slips of paper showed our football call and then we all did the exercise affiliated with it.  Here they are in no particular order.

2 pt conversion: 15 jump squats

Red Zone: 10 inchworms

Interception: 25 big girl sit ups

Icing the kicker: 30 sec toe taps

Field goal: 40 laying leg lifts

Touchback: run a lap

Fair Catch: 30 bent over rows

Ineligible receiver: 20 donkey kicks (sets)

Car commercial: 10 standing pike crunches (sets)

Delay of game: 1 minute chair sit

Hail Mary: 45 calf raises

Personal Foul: 40 walking lunges (total)

Incomplete pass: 40 chest press

Onside kick: 20 in & outs

Horse collar tackle: 40 chicken wings

Pass Interference: 40 Russian twists (sets)

Interception: 10 burpees

Safety: 15 front raises

Fumble: 15 tricep dips

Half time: 5 jump length of mat & back pedal

Goal line stand: 40 standing wood chops (total)

Time out: 30 sec squat hold

Kick returned for touchdown: 10 surrenders

Safety: 20 penquin crunches

Punt: 30 toy soldiers (sets)

4th down conversion: 30 skaters (total)

Point after: 45 glute bridges

Sack: 1 min plank

Quaterback keeper: 20 plank jacks

Blitz: 15 up down planks

First down: 20 bicycles (sets)

Flag on the play: 20 bicep curls

3rd & long: 25 jumping jacks

Challenge on the call: your choice (this time was 10 burpees per Chocolate Chip)

Beer commercial: 10 push ups

False start: 5 windshield wipers

Red zone defense: 10 star jumps

Field goal: 20 reverse crunches

Face mask: 30 sec fast feet

Touchdown: 25 pop squats

Offsides: 30 high knees (sets)

Kickoff: 25 mountain climbers (sets)

We then had a few minutes for a few rounds of abs: side crunches, pretzel crunches, and venus fly traps for Whole Coconut.

We took our pic, listed our prayers, requests, prayed, announcements and name o rama.

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