Load The Buses – Again

10 PAX arrived on a chilly Tuesday morning at The Den.  It had been a little while since we’ve gone back behind the school and ran the bus lanes, so there was no time like the present to load those buses!

We started a few minutes late because so many gracious and generous ladies had items to deliver to me for The Spirit of the Season angel tree we are helping with.  But, once all the gifts were loaded, we mosied to the bus lanes and started our warm up.

5 reach to the sky stretches

10 Through the Tunnel stretches in cadence

10 Windmills in cadence

10 Toy Soldiers in cadence

After a brief explanation, we started our Load The Buses beatdown .

We cycled through 4 exercises:

Imperial Squat Walkers (squat with hands behind your head, lift leg to elbow)
cross cross crunches (on back, legs straight up, touch right hand to left ankle)
push ups
monkey humpers

We start at the yellow line before bus lane 1 and we run all the way down to the last bus lane (28) and do 28 Imperial Squat Walkers.
Run back to the start, do 1 burpee.
Run to bus lane 27, do 27 cross cross crunches. Back to start for a burpee.
Run to bus lane 26, do 26 push ups. Run back to start and do 1 burpee.
Run to bus lane 25, do 25 monkey humpers, back to start, 1 burpee.
Then you start the cycle over as you keep moving down the bus lanes. So 24 Squat Walkers, 23 crunches, 22 push ups, 21 monkey humpers.

Most of us finished just in time for our COT.  SO brought up something that has been weighing on her mind and we talked about how we can do better about reaching out to our ladies that we are missing.  We know some of you don’t like the cold, but check those temperatures.  When it happens to be a mild weather day, we better see you!!  We closed with a prayer and our Name-O-Rama.

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