Load Those Buses Before School’s Out

School is almost out.  The heat has arrived.  And us Moms are hanging by a thread this crazy month. So what better way to relieve some stress then by loading the buses!

14 PAX met in our usual parking lot, then moseyed to the back of the school to the bus lanes.  We warmed up with some arm circles, little hops, and butt kicks.  Then we started down the bus lanes.

Load the Buses:

We start in lane 1 and run to the very last bus lane – number 27.  We completed 27 Side lunges (each side), then run back to lane 1.  At lane 1, we did the following every time:

10 Bicep Curls

10 Side Extensions

10 Overhead Tricep Extensions

Then we ran down to bus lane 26 to complete 26 Raggady Ann’s.  Then back to lane 1 for our arm circuit again.

Each round we drop a bus lane.  Our exercise reps are the bus lane numbers.  We cycle through 4 exercises:

side lunges

raggedy Anns

Monkey Humpers

Imperial Walkers

The arm circuit in lane 1 definitely gave us a good arm workout.  But, it took a lot of time.  So we only made it through bus lane 15ish.  But, still did 2 miles of running.  We moseyed back to the front of the school at 6:10 to circle up and name our FNG.  Welcome Cat Lady!

Loading the buses is always a good time!  And the ladies of Cherokee County kill it every time.  We prayed for our sanity, our tone and words, especially when speaking to our children, and of course all of the prayer requests.  We ended with our name-o-Rama and some chatter.

Another great Den workout!  Thanks for joining me!

❤️, ⛅️

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