Lucky 13!

9 Beautiful ladies joined together this morning to celebrate my 13-year wedding anniversary and participate in my and Guac’s first Q!!

The Warm Up:

We did 16 each (because today’s the 16th) of the following exercises: Jumping Jacks (in cadence); High Knees (16 each leg); But Kicks (16 each leg)

The Thang: We set cones about half way down the parking lot and then did this workout like 11’s, but made the total # 13 because of it being my 13-year anniversary. It was all about getting “Wedding Ready.”

Round One: The “Sprint” to Book your Venues:   Start at one end of the parking lot and do 1 Jumping Jack with Overhead Press, then Run to the cones, and do 12 Squat Jumps. Then Run back and do 2 Jumping Jacks w/ Overhead Press, run back to cones, and do 11 Squat Jumps, continuing until you reached 12 Jumping Jacks w/ Overhead Press and 1 Squat Jump.

Round Two: The “Dance Lessons”:  Start at one end of the parking lot and do 1 Merkin w/ Alternating Side Plank, then Grapevine to the cones, and do 12 Curtsy Lunges. Then Grapevine back and do 2 Merkins w/ Alternating Side Plank,  Grapevine back to the cones, and do 11 Curtsy Lunges, continuing until you reached 12 Merkins w/ Alternating Side Plank and 1 Curtsy Lunge.

After working our legs and arms, we finished off the workout with some Abs, to make sure we could sport that slim-fitted wedding dress. 🙂

9 (the month) Bicycles

16 (the day) Russian Twists

13 (the # of years) LBC’s

We ended with some much needed water and then circled up for prayer requests and Name-O-Rama.

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