Medals of Success ~ Pass this one around FIA

8 PAX came out for a super HOT Georgia beatdown at AO Foxtrot !! Shout out to Kodak for her first wednesday PM beatdown at foxtrot and good to see you Luna it’s been a minute!!! Everyone did such an amazing job I am so proud of you all!!!

The Warm-up

Arm Circles Forward and Backward, Windmills, Quad stretches

The Thang

I put out 3 cones to represent Gold, Silver and Bronze medals about 10ish ft from PAX

I had a marker board with a group of exercises listed:




Bicep Curls


Bicycle Crunches

I asked the PAX to decide where they thought they fell one exercise at a time either Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced level which they could be different responses each exercise…

Once everyone chose a level I then gave their goal REPS on the board for their level ( Beg, Int, Adv)

All PAX push themselves to reach their chosen goal to earn a medal once reps are achieved they take the first available medal and all PAX are finished with their REPS once Gold, Silver and Bronze medals are placed!! After each exercise we took a lap to get our heart rates up and our steps in!!!

Reps I chose for this beatdown were:

                                             Beg.                   Int.                      Adv.

Push-ups                            30                       50                    75

Squats                                 75                     100                  125

Crunches                           100                    125                  150

Bicep Curls                        50                       75                   100

Lunges                                75                      100                 125

Bicycle Crunches            50                      75                   100

For our 45 minute workout we got through each round then had time to try to reach advanced level for Push-ups, Squats and crunches as a group cause we are better together!!!

This workout was great for all PAX at different levels, I believe everyone placed at some point with our PAX numbers. It challenges PAX at all levels to push themselves to their ability!!!

Pass it around FIA!!! Change the exercises and choose the REPS

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