Mid Summer Meltdown

9 PAX at AO The Thicket – JB Owens Park – 9 beautiful FIA’s and all their beautiful children came out to The Thicket today. As the children played, their determined moms found a place in the shade to sweat it out during a cadence work out. #bettertogerher

Disclaimer & Start watch’s

Warm up / Stretching

Leg stretch’s

Arm circles

Toy Soldiers


4ct X 10 each

Hallelujah’s IC

Bicycles IC

Squats w/ side kicks IC

Russian Twists IC

Side Arm raises IC

Flutter Kicks IC

Jumping Jacks IC

Push-ups (up & down together)

We did all the exercises together – 4X.

After we did 2 rounds of exercises we did one lap and regrouped after for our 2 more rounds.

Quote – “We all have two lives. The second starts when we realize we only have one.”

Fireball – Ever time Pitbull says Fireball we all did a burpee. We kept moving during the whole song, fallow the leader style.

Nameorama / high-fives / prayers

I was very blessed to meet Canon85 & Stitch today. They killed the workout. Stitch even with her little man sharing her mat with her the whole workout. Never leaving her side. It was awesome to see Pumpkin Spice for our first workout together. Straight Shooter was on vacation like me and made it to the late morning workout as well. Awesome as always to workout with SS. Mariposa, Hairspray, Kodak and Caddy Shack all worked so hard and killed the workout keeping time with me. Always so blessed to be able to be in the presents of these amazing strong and beautiful women.

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