Monopoly Beat down !!!!

This morning we had 10 PAX show up on this beautiful first day of our Spring Break for a game of Monopoly …. we know I love games and after the Uno beatdown I wanted to do something fun again since it had been a while!!!! Since Sugarland is the Q we are gonna listen to country music for an hour ….. But on the bright side after about 45 minutes Pinterest said I may be getting her to like it…. yay!!!


We warmed up by playing a little game of Speed walk freeze tag….. All the PAX got into a space between 4 cones that we could not step out of….. I was “it” first everyone began speed walking in the square and if I tagged you you needed to do arm circles or jumping jacks, alternating ideally, until another PAX tagged you to free you. After a few minutes I added a few more taggers, thanks chocolate chip and whole coconut!!! So fun then we circled up for some torso twists, TTT and quad stretches before we got started.


The Thang

So we partnered up in pairs of 2 PAX (because games are no fun alone!!) Every team started at GO. The dice were in the middle of the board & each team picked a color. Roll the dice and move that many spaces ( each team moved at their own pace). Where you land is what your exercise will be and you are to do all of the moves on each space when you land!!!

GO: if you are passing 1 point for your team, if you land GO 2 points for your team

ABS ALLEY: 20 LBC’s, 20 Bicycle crunch sets, 20 Reverse Crunches

JUMP JUNCTION: 10 Jump Squats, 10 Froggers, 10 Skater sets

SQUAT STREET: 10 Narrow Squats, 10 Sump Squats, 10 Regular Squats

JAIL (JUST VISITING): ROLL AGAIN, if you are sent there 5 burpees or lose 1 point

PUSH-UP PLACE: 10 diamond/close push-ups, 10 regular push-ups, 10 Pulsing push-ups

RIPPED ROAD: 20 Hillbillies, 20 Raggedy Ann’s, 20 Cross-body sets

HALLELUJAH HIGHWAY: 50 Hallelujah’s, break/shake, 50 Hallelujah’s

CARDIO CIRCLE: 20 High Knees, 20 Jumping Jacks, 20 Butt Kickers

FREE PARKING: Bear crawl to the cone and back

PARK LANE: take 3 laps around the boards

ARMS AVENUE: 20 Bicep Curls, 20 Upright Rows, 20 Tricep Kickbacks

GO TO JAIL: Go to jail and do either 5 Burpees or lose 1 point for your team

LUNGE LANE: 20 Walking Lunges, 20 Side Lunges

CASINO CROSSING: Draw a card and depending on the suit you draw is the exercise you do…

~  Hearts= 20 High Knees, Spades=20 Crock-pot Squats, Diamonds= 20 Curtsy Lunges, Clubs= 10 Big Girl Sit-ups ~

WATER WORKS: Everyone’s favorite…. Everyone gets a water break….. also social circle(very chatty today ladies <3)

Final Scores:

red team: 7 points

yellow team: 8 points

blue team: 8 points

green team: 9 points!!!! (Sugarland & Whole Coconut for the Win)

purple: 5 points

We all circled up at the end and held each other in our circle I asked everyone to take a moment silently in the beginning to lift up all the many prayer requests our ladies are having right now and after that I asked GOD to lift up our prayers in HIS name and prayed for all our travelers on this Spring Break!!!

Name-O-Rama and Coffeeteria!!!!!!

Missed our travelers this morning….

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