My FiA Anniversary

A year ago, I joined this amazing group of ladies and my life was forever changed for the better! Today 13 PAX celebrated with me as we worked our way through MY FIA ANNIVERSARY. We warmed up with some arm circles and jumping jacks IC. Then we took an Indian Run lap with each one sharing her favorite thing about FiA as she ran to the front of the line. So many of us shared the same favorite thing – the amazing ladies who have become great friends!

The Thang

Each letter of MY FIA ANNIVERSARY had an exercise connected to it. We did each exercise for 45 seconds and then had 15 seconds to switch and get ready for the next one.

M – monkey humpers

Y – Y raises (arm exercise with weights)

F – flutter kicks

I – In and Outs

A – alternating shoulder taps

A – Alternating lunges (front, back or curtsy PAX choice)

N – narrow squats

N – nothing – get water and take a breath

I – Imperial squat walkers

V – my very favorite exercise, which was tricep kickbacks

E – elbow to knee (while holding plank position, touch elbow to opposite knee and then repeat with other side)

R – Russian twists

S – Sumo squats (weighted or unweighted PAX choice)

A – Alternating side lunges

R – Reverse crunches

Y – Your choice of arm exercise

We worked through the whole set one time and then took a lap. We came back and did the whole thing again, ending with Around the Worlds for the last Y. PAX could then check off a bingo box for the month.

We finished with COT and name-o-rama. SO SO grateful for the love, support, fun, and fellowship with my FiA family!

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