8 PAX showed up for my VQ beatdown at The Rock tonight! I borrowed this one from Juicy Fruit in FiA Greensboro.  I was super excited to see all my friends come out and show their support and I think that this was the highest number that has come to The Rock!!

The Warm-Up:

10 arm circles

10 arm stretches over head


Squat stretches

Neck rolls

Runners stretch

The Thang:

Name-O-Rama – So the idea is to gather up and spell out each other’s FiA name.  Each letter represented a different workout.  Reps represented the PAX’s age, but we finished once the first person reached that Pax age.  We have a lot of double named ladies at this workout so we only did partial names in order to get through a handful of each.  After we spelled out a PAX name, we took a lap around the circle.  Since some are faster than others when they got back is was enough time for a quick water break and then on to the next name.

Name O Rama & COT:

Super happy that we all got through this workout together!  Thank you for all that came to support me I love all my FiA sisters!  You continue to inspire me with your strength, endurance, and compassion.

Prayer Requests:

Bourbon, Blue Bell, Yellow Stone, Sporty, and for all those traveling on Fall break and headed to Birmingham on Saturday.


2.0 workout at Foxtrot on Saturday morning.

Signup genius: Q’s and PAX needed for FiA Signal (TN) / FiA Sarasota (FL)

Donations for Women’s shelter

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