New Year Rearsolutions

On the eve of a new year, 13 PAX at The Thicket took some time to preburn for our upcoming celebrations and finish 2018 strong.  Welcome FNG, Rise Up!  Great to have you join us and we look forward to rising with you in 2019.

Wonder Woman warmed us up and then we started the Thang:

My inspiration for the beatdown was how we tend to start the year strong with lots of resolutions and resolve, but then inevitable life tends to erode our enthusiasm.  Which provides another opportunity to refocus every January.  But there are things to celebrate every month of the year too!  See if you can find the correlation between the month and the Xrcise and music.  I try to keep it fun and creative as well as a beatdown worth everyone’s time.  The only change to the chart below is that if a PAX finished the workout with time to spare before the timer, then they had the option to do more exercises, run a lap around the playground, or to rest – or some of each.

New Years Rearsolutions:
3:30 per month = 42 minutesWW – Warm up
PC – Cool down
January1220 squats w/ standing donkey kicks*optional weights or sand pupKiss me at Midnight by Nsync
February1120 diamond squat jumps*Sexy & I know it
March1020 leap-ro-consitem to jump overLeap song & Kila
April920 calf raises + 20 Hallelujahs*Shackles
May820 toy soldiers + 10 scarecrow saluteslight weightsBoogie Woogie Bugle Boy
June7run 2 laps around playground*Party Rock Anthem (school’s out)
July6wall sit during Preamble song **do X first then BurpsWall or partnerHamilton & CC song – *FF songs to 1:30
August520 spidermans + 20 supermansyoga matCan’t Touch This (ring the bell, school’s in)
September450 Pumpkin Spice pulses (LBC’s with sand pups)Sand PupsSpice Girls, Wannabe
October325 spooky sit-ups with thriller arms*Thriller
November220 turkey tosses (like wall ball, but in air)Sand PupsEat It – weird AL
December120 oblique side crunches + tootsie roll (moving squat)*Tootsie Roll

Partly Cloudy brought a bonus round of arm exercises and then cooled us down with some stretching.

And Harley Quinn brought some coffee (!!!) so many stayed around to socialize a bit.  Which was nice on this foggy, misty morning.

Definitely Better Together, in 2018 and on into 2019.

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